Welcome to my blog.  Admittedly, I am a few years behind the bleeding edge, but I hope that by sharing my thoughts I can inform, educate, occasionally entertain, and at the very least, create an exchange where we all can learn.

Not that you can hold me to this, but I’ll write about change and transformation, leadership, management, organizations, culture, conflict management and resolution, listening, human resources, food, music, or other topics that may seem related, if only momentarily, to what it takes to build the capacity to lead change.

From time to time, I also might discuss things that I do not “know,” but I’ve never let ignorance get in the way of jumping verbally into uncharted territory.

So, for now, thanks for joining me!  Read, comment, collaborate, challenge.  I’m looking forward to the fun!

All the Best,

Erik Van Slyke

Solleva Group

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