Listening to Conflict:  Finding Constructive Solutions to Workplace Disputes


Named by Soundview Executive Book Summaries a Top 30 Business Book of 1999

Listed by Microsoft Education as Recommended Reading to develop the listening competency

Part of the Ombuds Professional Library at California State University, Long Beach

Filled with original exercises, examples, and models, Listening to Conflict helps you solve the challenges often found during times of change. It shows you how to successfully resolve workplace conflict by practicing and perfecting the Art of Listening, one of the key components of the Architecture of Change. You’ll learn how to resolve not only your own conflicts, but also how to referee disputes between employees, co-workers, customers, suppliers, or even senior managers.

By putting this listening-based approach into action, you’ll establish your position as an objective mediator … you’ll guide combative parties toward constructive solutions … and you’ll build the kind of productive relationships that don’t allow natural conflicts to deteriorate into destructive disagreements.

What others are saying:

  • Presents an inside-out approach to constructive conflict management employing the art of listening. Van Slyke confronts the reader on four levels: awareness, understanding, implication, and application. It is this perspective that marks Listening to Conflict as a must-read for all future leaders. Bill Torregrossa, General Manager, Hershey Direct, Hershey Foods Corporation
  • Picks up where Stephen Covey’s Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood leaves off. It speaks about areas we frequently, and perhaps intentionally, overlook. Daniel H. Hitchings, Director of Public Works, U.S. government agency
  • A fascinating read. I found many situations to which I could relate, from both a professional and a personal standpoint. I think listening to conflict should become the eighth habit of highly successful people. Colleen Stapleton-Sharp, Director, Knowledge Base Marketing
  • Listening to Conflict is an effective guide to relationship management, as applicable in the home and community as it is in the workplace. Bryan Bonuomo, Vice President, Human Resources Manager, Volvo
  • Listening to Conflict will help you become an objective mediator, adept at guiding combative parties to settlements and create a culture of constructive conflict. Credit Union Management
  • Shows how to resolve workplace disputes by practicing and perfecting the art of listening, offering many exercises, examples, and models. Offers guidelines and insight on self-awareness, changing the action/reaction cycle, using empathetic listening techniques, creating a culture of constructive conflict, and incorporating listening into a six-step collaborative resolution process. Booknews

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