Jumpstart Change

“The JumpStart Change workshop has added a broader dimension to my approach to project management. Simply put, I believe Erik Van Slyke has raised the bar on the subject of managing change.

The Challenge

One of the biggest areas of challenge for change leaders is managing the risks associated with the human side of projects such as technology and outsourcing implementations, mergers and divestitures, restructurings and broad-based culture change.  Although described by many labels—change management, organization politics, resistance, governance, relationship management, conflict management— the impact on project success can be significant.

Even when experienced leaders apply solid frameworks, project teams struggle integrating change management into the technical work of these initiatives.  The result?  Missed deadlines, budget overruns, frequent conflict escalations, low internal customer satisfaction, ineffective execution and greater need to monitor progress and results.

Whether the change is large or small, the ability to manage the human elements well is a critical component of high performance.

The Solution

The JumpStart Change workshops build your internal capability to manage change.  They will equip project teams with the insight, planning and tools to accelerate results and adapt to project realities with greater effectiveness.  The value of JumpStart Change workshops is realized through:

  • Acceleration – The process dramatically reduces cycle times for solution design, delivery and results and provides a clearer and more complete picture of the requirements for success.
  • Commitment – The rapid alignment and mobilization of your project team occurs in several days and is designed to support improved relationships, flexible problem solving, and as a result, improved business results.
  • Reduced Risk – Project leaders are alerted to potential derailers and given practical tools and techniques to work through issues with team members.

The three workshops are available in half day, multi-day, and modular formats to strengthen your project team’s capability to lead a variety of change events.  The workshops can be customized to meet your specific needs, prepare your team, and get you headed in the right direction.  The workshops include:

  • JumpStart Change Discovery. This half-day session provides an overview of the JumpStart Change methodology and an introduction to the approach and tools that will be used during an initiative. Discovery is designed for practitioners of change management, project managers, deployment managers, executive sponsors of change initiatives, and people leading or facing change.
  • JumpStart Change Readiness. This highly interactive 3-day workshop brings key project stakeholders together to clarify project goals and expectations, build a high performing team, identify potential implementation challenges and establish the methods and protocols for stakeholder engagement and communication. The outcome is a Roadmap for managing change throughout the initiative and improved capability to apply to future projects.
  • JumpStart Change Launch. This session helps you sustain the momentum established in the JumpStart Change Readiness workshop by guiding change work stream leaders and teams through detailed project planning. Erik and his team will guide your project team through the activities, timelines, and deliverables required for success.

Additional courses include:


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