Conquering Conflict

Unfortunately, conflict is a regular part of organization life.  Whether on the plant floor or in the office, the mail room or the board room, misunderstandings, personality clashes, and downright fights are standard fare for workplace interactions.  But conflict is not all bad and can actually be a tool to improve relationships.  The challenge for organization leaders is to create an environment that stimulates ideas and interaction without provoking destructive battles that destroy self-esteem, fracture teamwork, and thwart productivity.

Based upon the award winning book by Erik Van Slyke, learn new strategies of conflict management that will improve your workplace success and interpersonal performance.  This workshop unveils the techniques to conquer conflict, and apply game-changing skills to leverage the value of conflict, orchestrate resolution and create dynamic cultures that thrive.

Conquering Conflict for Executives

  • Learn to differentiate between constructive and destructive conflict and how to draw a fine line between the two
  • Leverage conflict as a tool to foster innovation and lead your organization through periods of growth, turbulence and change
  • Create value by productively harnessing different perspectives and embracing conflict as a tool build a cohesive enterprise
  • Develop the ability to diagnose institutional sources of conflict and design systems to manage disputes
  • Understand and manage cross-cultural and cross-generational impediments to conflict resolution
  • Learn how to identify if you are the problem and apply important steps for reconciliation
  • Broaden and improve strategies and skills to manage personal conflicts and mediate the conflicts of others

Conquering Conflict for Supervisors and Managers

  • Discover how to identify the right fight, when to intervene and how to turn any conflict into an opportunity for collaboration
  • Understand your own conflict patterns and how they affect your approach to resolution
  • Learn the importance of conflict awareness and the key principles for creating improved interactions
  • Learn how listening helps manage resistance and identifies opportunities for agreement and resolution
  • Identify how to differentiate between difficult people and difficult behavior and when to apply tools for handling passive and aggressive behaviors
  • Strengthen your ability to create win-win solutions that lay the foundation for sustainable collaboration.

Conquering Conflict for Individual Contributors

  • Develop a better understanding of conflict and the factors that influence it
  • Become more aware of feelings, attitudes, and behavior—and how they work together in response to conflict
  • Identify and understand your own conflict behavior
  • Differentiate between difficult people and difficult behavior, including passive aggressive behavior
  • Develop techniques for influencing others when you don’t have power and authority
  • Learn how to use listening as a tool to build relationships and clarify misunderstandings
  • Weigh the costs and benefits of addressing issues and how to determine whether you should fight or give in
  • Learn how to assert yourself and confront unacceptable behavior before it escalates into a destructive dispute