Managing The Balance Between Conflict and Creativity

Creativity.  Innovation.  Change.  These words represent the standard demands of our current workplaces.  Organizations have spent millions of dollars and countless hours attempting to infuse employees with the mindset and techniques required to live and breathe these values. But the very fuel that feeds these familiar mandates, however, inevitably produces conflict.  Individuals develop new ideas … More Managing The Balance Between Conflict and Creativity

Change Management Lessons from Sailing

BMW Oracle America’s Cup As a sailor, I can’t help but draw parallels between the teams of America’s Cup racing and the project teams of major change initiatives.  Although as a change manager, I wish project leadership managed with the same integrated understanding of the factors influencing project performance. I encourage you to check out … More Change Management Lessons from Sailing


Welcome to my blog.  Admittedly, I am a few years behind the bleeding edge, but I hope that by sharing my thoughts I can inform, educate, occasionally entertain, and at the very least, create an exchange where we all can learn. Not that you can hold me to this, but I’ll write about change and transformation, … More Welcome!