The New Rules for Accelerating Change

Executives, managers, and HR professionals are increasingly asked to help their organizations manage change. The ability to align, energize, and motivate workforces to embrace new programs and initiatives, as well as the new values and behaviors that accompany them, is a critical component of high performing organizations. But with change efforts failing 50% or more of the time, it is not as easy as it seems.
In this presentation Erik Van Slyke shares the foundational principles of managing change. In particular, he explains how the brain works and why traditional approaches produce the opposite of what we intend. Most importantly, he teaches the practical steps of adaptive capability that will help you overcome resistance and sustain desired outcomes.


Finding the Balance Between Conflict and Creativity

Speed. Innovation. Change. These are the demands of the 21st Century organization. But the very fuel that feeds these critical mandates inevitably produces conflict. The challenge for organization leaders is to create an environment that stimulates ideas and interaction without provoking destructive battles that destroy self-esteem, fracture teamwork, and thwart productivity. Based upon the award winning book by Erik Van Slyke, this session reveals how to apply game-changing techniques to orchestrate conflict, leverage its value and create dynamic, high-performing cultures.


How Homegrown Entrepreneurship Can Revitalize the Poor

The solution to poverty lies in our ability to invest in the potential of people in our own backyard. Erik Van Slyke founded Solleva Learning Labs on the idea that with the right skills and support enterprising people from underprivileged populations can generate income, jobs, and wealth for their families and communities. In this presentation, he shares examples of a new kind of philanthropy that uses the tools of capitalism to foster upward economic mobility, improved self-reliance and employment growth in economically underdeveloped areas

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