Listening Man

“Listening Man” by The Bees

I love this video!  As anyone who reads this blog knows, it is an ode to one of my favorite themes.  The song is by The Bees, an English band from the Isle of Wight, and the terrific actors are Mathew Bayton and Emily Fields.
The poor guy listens patiently, at times suffering, and shows that listening creates wonderful results.  He isn’t always happy to be listening.  At times his listening opens him up to attack.  There are even moments when he wants to be anywhere but listening to the girl.  But in the end, he sticks with it and it’s his listening that sets the stage for a well received kiss.  If he had made his move any sooner, her reaction would have been completely different.

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the most effective one — and the one least considered.

It doesn’t matter whether the relationship is romantic or professional.  It doesn’t matter whether there is conflict or consensus.  It’s not the persuading, cajoling, arguing or trying to make a point that’s going to create a breakthrough.  Instead, the key to forming effective, lasting relationships is simply to listen.


2 thoughts on “Listening Man

  1. What a fun post! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months and have appreciated your way of thinking. As a IT project manager, it’s been a helpful perspective. But now, I have another reason to read: I can find great music for my IPod. Thanks!

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