The Call for Innovation . . . Part 1

  Innovation is a hot topic in the United States, especially now as we search for ways of igniting our economic engines.  From business publications to the main stream press, legions of voices are elevating the attention brought to the subject. Based upon the research, it’s clear that innovation is a requirement of healthy, vibrant, … More The Call for Innovation . . . Part 1

Going the Last Mile

MacArthur Foundation “genius grant” winner, Sendhil Mullainathan, uses behavioral economics to show us that convincing people to change behavior is about much more than giving people data and information.  His work examining the topic of persuasion has made a remarkable impact examining some critical social challenges in India and around the world. In the corporate sector we, … More Going the Last Mile

A Change Manager’s View of U.S. Healthcare Reform

It’s been fascinating to watch the attempts at U.S. healthcare reform over the last year and beyond.  The change management requirements for this monumental effort make multi-process, enterprise outsourcing implementations look like a piece of cake! Ross Douthat’s column in Sunday’s New York Times presents an insightful summary of the challenge, highlighting the complex web … More A Change Manager’s View of U.S. Healthcare Reform

Listening to the Results of Outsourcing

Industry Week published a terrific article yesterday called Outsourcing Point/Counterpoint that captures the key challenges of the industry over the past decade.  It questions whether outsourcing should be the automatic solution it has become and offers strong suggestions for those considering its use. In the US alone, the industry has grown to an estimated $500 … More Listening to the Results of Outsourcing