Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes . . . the strain (reprise)

After reading yesterday’s post, my good friend, Jerry D’Ascoli, sent me the above video set to Bowie’s original.  It’s from Hugh Atkin and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.  Side-splitting cynicism aside, the video makes you realize the difficulty moving from talking about change to actually creating change, especially in the province of the … More Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes . . . the strain (reprise)

Changes . . . here comes my train

I’ve always loved David Bowie’s song “Changes” and its take that change is uncertain, sometimes regretful, but ultimately an inevitable part of growth.  But when I heard Seu Jorge’s interpretation, recorded for The Life Aquatic, I knew I’d found my favorite version.  In part, I’m a sucker for Brazilian music, and I was instantly taken … More Changes . . . here comes my train

A Change Manager’s View of U.S. Healthcare Reform

It’s been fascinating to watch the attempts at U.S. healthcare reform over the last year and beyond.  The change management requirements for this monumental effort make multi-process, enterprise outsourcing implementations look like a piece of cake! Ross Douthat’s column in Sunday’s New York Times presents an insightful summary of the challenge, highlighting the complex web … More A Change Manager’s View of U.S. Healthcare Reform