It’s All In Our Head

Nicholas Kristof’s column in yesterday’s New York Times shared that the origins of political judgments may in part be the result of our fundamental personality type and even in the hard-wiring in our brains.  While even the researchers agree there is more work to do to validate these findings, it is consistent with the growing body … More It’s All In Our Head

A Change Manager’s View of U.S. Healthcare Reform

It’s been fascinating to watch the attempts at U.S. healthcare reform over the last year and beyond.  The change management requirements for this monumental effort make multi-process, enterprise outsourcing implementations look like a piece of cake! Ross Douthat’s column in Sunday’s New York Times presents an insightful summary of the challenge, highlighting the complex web … More A Change Manager’s View of U.S. Healthcare Reform

The Folly of Performance Appraisal

  “We need to discuss your performance.” There are few phrases that cast more fear in the hearts of employees. I was talking with a client last week about managing change for their implementation of performance management technology.   After a quick technical chat about scope, the vendor, the timetable, resources and current tools and process, I … More The Folly of Performance Appraisal

Listening Man

“Listening Man” by The Bees I love this video!  As anyone who reads this blog knows, it is an ode to one of my favorite themes.  The song is by The Bees, an English band from the Isle of Wight, and the terrific actors are Mathew Bayton and Emily Fields. The poor guy listens patiently, … More Listening Man