A Better Way to Navigate Change

Erik Van Slyke’s change management workshops equip leaders at all levels with the insight, planning and tools to accelerate results and manage projects with greater effectiveness.

Change should create something remarkable.  New strategies, structures and technologies should revolutionize the way we work, innovate, connect and achieve.  Great things happen when we are dedicated to listening, learning and leveraging individual strengths to accomplish organizational goals.

Erik Van Slyke can help you understand and manage the human side of change–the motivations, needs, politics and pressures–so you can go beyond “completing the project” and create the real, sustainable behavioral difference needed for lasting results.  Today’s demanding business climate is forcing organizations to change at an accelerated rate. Your ability to align, energize, motivate and empower your workforce to embrace new programs and initiatives is a key to building competitive advantage.

The Solutions

Erik helps organizations plan for, implement and manage change by:

  • Training Project Teams. Erik’s Accelerated Change Workshops equip project teams with the insight, planning and tools to accelerate results and adapt to project realities with greater effectiveness.  This approach helps change leaders anticipate implementation challenges, develop options to manage them effectively and apply tools to simplify execution.  In addition, Erik offers workshops designed to help with more focused development needs such as conflict resolution, organization assessment, strategy implementation  and goal setting.
  • Coaching Change Leaders. Erik’s coaching services will enable your project managers to reach their full potential as change leaders. Our senior level advisors provide real-time guidance to help your project managers, work stream leaders and other project resources navigate the situations and challenges inherent in change initiatives.    
  • Assessing Current Initiatives. No matter how well-planned and executed, change initiatives are rarely perfect.  When projects experience an undesired degree of trouble, Erik provides the insight and action required to get the initiative back on track.  Erik helps identify root causes, assess project team capability, build turnaround plans and provide ongoing coaching to sustain improved performance.
  • Providing Consulting Expertise. Erik provides expertise to deliver targeted solutions that support change initiatives.  He offers resources with a wide range of capability related to engaging stakeholders and sustaining organization changes—from communication and training to process mapping and job redesign.
Whether the change is large or small, the ability to manage the human elements well is a critical component of high performance.  Erik can help you prepare for coming changes as well as manage the complex behavioral and organizational challenges as you transition to your desired objectives.  His Accelerated Change Workshops bring stakeholders and project teams together to rapidly mobilize your change team, dramatically reduce cycle times for solution design and delivery, and provide a clearer and more complete picture of the requirements for success.

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