Lead Like a Great Conductor

Orchestra conductors must exercise a unique style of leadership.  They must listen intently, and without saying a word, draw out strong performances from their orchestras.  This requires that they learn to be the ultimate collaborators,  understand the unique capabilities of each musician and decide how best to blend them into a coherent whole. In this … More Lead Like a Great Conductor

Beyond How To’s

How to love.  How to live.  How to fix anything.  How to lose weight.  How to stop worrying.  How to find your passion.  How to train your dog, bird, cat or dragon.  How to make money.  How to get into college.  How to stay in college.  How to interview.  How to get a job.  How … More Beyond How To’s

Despots, Group Think and the Ugly Side of Institutional Optimism

In my personal life, I am an optimist.  I believe fully in the power of positive thinking and the value of spreading good cheer wherever I go, if only because it makes life more fun and enjoyable. But when it comes to managing change, I believe in realism.  A key component of the Architecture of … More Despots, Group Think and the Ugly Side of Institutional Optimism

Motivation Is Not About the Money

The economic crisis has called into question the pay practices of some of the nation’s largest financial services companies.  In particular, the Federal Reserve and other regulatory organizations have found that many of the bonus and incentive programs led executives to make decisions that not only contributed to the worst financial crisis since the Great … More Motivation Is Not About the Money

Making Change Fun

The other day I was explaining the results of a change readiness assessment to an executive and shared a piece of news he found disturbing.  He believed that everyone wanted the change that he was leading because when he spoke with others in the organization about it, they all told him it was a great … More Making Change Fun

You’re Not a Leader Until They Perform

“It’s all about talent,” declared the SVP of Human Resources as she announced the purchase of a new talent management technology that included selection, performance management and succession planning modules. “This integrated talent management solution ushers in a new era for our company that’s about improving how we think about and manage talent.  These new … More You’re Not a Leader Until They Perform